May 10 press release

MIT Jewish Alumni Alliance and Concerned Parents of MIT Issue Petition to Safeguard Jews on Campus

These groups and other MIT affiliates call on the administration and Corporation to commit that the end of the encampment is the beginning, not the end, of actions to ensure MIT is safe for its Jewish community

By: MIT Jewish Alumni Alliance

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – May 10, 2024 – The MIT Jewish Alumni Alliance (MIT JAA), together with Concerned MIT Parents and other MIT affiliates, issued a petition to the MIT administration to 1) enforce serious and meaningful disciplinary actions against disruptors and agitators; 2) not allow the encampment to re-organize under any circumstances; and 3) take all necessary steps to prevent outside agitators from engaging with or gaining access to private MIT property. Within the first 24 hours, the petition gathered more than 850 signatures, and more signatures are being collected.

The continued harassment of members of the MIT community, the disruption, chaos, blocking of MIT buildings, open vandalism, desecration of American and Israeli flags, and the continued threat of violence exacerbated by outside agitators must be stopped immediately. The MIT JAA, Concerned MIT Parents, and other MIT affiliates petition the MIT administration to act decisively and meaningfully to enforce MIT’s own rules to ensure that MIT students can safely and securely finish the spring semester and that no disruptions will occur during the commencement and reunion activities scheduled for the coming weeks. The MIT administration should not reward bad behavior by capitulating to the demands of campus agitators who are trying to extort changes from the administration. We trust that the Special Meeting of the MIT Corporation just called for Monday will address these issues in earnest and in a timely fashion so that civility can be restored immediately to the MIT campus.